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We are excited to bring you our annual toy list for 2016. We are in the process of updating our hot toy list and will continue to update it through the 2016 Holiday Shopping season. In the meantime please check out our previous popular toy lists that are linked to on the bottom of the page. The lists include many toys that are still make great picks for any toy giving occasion including birthday presents.

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Top PreSchool Toy Gifts

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Top Christmas Gifts in the Video Games Category

This section is receiving a major update since all 3 console providers finally have new systems out...

The basic starting point for Video Game Gifts is whether you already have a games console or not. For all intents and purposes there are only 3. The XBox 360 from Microsoft, the Wii from Nintendo and the Playstation from Sony. As of this writing the Wii U is still not out and it is supposed to be considered he next evolution for not just the Wii system we have gotten used to but also the first entry in the next generation of consoles. We plan to update you on more details when it is released.

For now the choice really depends on both price and the preferences of the players for who you are buying the console for. Given the price points these tend to be gifts for family members or close friends. The XBox will be popular this year to start because of the release of Halo 4 it's franchise game. With the continued popularity of games like the Let's Dance game series we also see motion gaming becoming much more of an expected component of video game play. The PlayStation 3 still holds an advantage for those looking for a Blu-ray disc player too.

XBox with Kinect  Nintendo Wii Bundle  PlayStation 3 with Move

Choosing which console to buy takes time and thought. Here is a video guide to the 3 main game consoles that can help you choose which game console is best for you. Explore the Game Console Buying Guide which also includes a section on Motion Gaming.

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We will update this Toy Gift Guide regularly as we find hot toys and deals. It will be a great resource not only for Christmas Gift Ideas but for Birthdays or any other occasion when you want to find that special toy for your child.

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