Top Christmas Toys for 2012

We have started updating our list of our Top 2012 Christmas Toys that we feel our not only the toys the kids want but those that buyers want as well. As parents, relatives and friends it is hard to find the right toy gift for those kids on your list. Our goal is to make it a little easier by highlight those we have found are popular but hopefully will provide your child with many hours of fun as well as learning opportunities when possible.

The recommendations on this page are our top recommendations for 2012 but we have come up with lists the last couple of years that also are a good place to get more toy gift ideas for his Christmas and Holiday Season. Feel free to check out our Top Christmas Toy List for 2011 as well.

Best Toys List for 2012

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Top Video Game Toy Gifts

Top PreSchool Toy Gifts

 Laugh Learn Dance and Play Puppy  Master Moves Mickey Break Dancing Toy

  Happy to See Me Bouncy Pup from Furreal Friends  Jake Never Land Pirates Musical Pirate Ship

The above represents our pick for the Top PreSchool Toy Gifts for 2012. Last Year we lumped tablets in this category because of their Early Learning benefits. This year we are breaking out Kids Tablet Gifts into it's own section. PreSchool toys are great not just to entertain but to educate your children as well. We love the interactivity of our 4 top picks for 2012. Our choices include 3 toys from Fisher-Price, a brand well known for it's early learning toys. We chose the Laugh & Learn Dance and Play Puppy, M3 Master Moves Mickey and Disney's Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky. These toys have both the fun factor and opportunities to interact and learn. We also chose the FurReal Friends My Happy to See Me Puppy Bouncy which isn't just for preschoolers but also can make a great gift for older girls who love animals.

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Top Toy Gifts for Girls

 New Furby  Barbie Photo Camera Doll  Dora Gymnastics Doll

 Monster High - High School Doll House  Fijit Friends Yippits Pets  Cabbage Patch Kids Preppie Dolls

This year's picks for the Top Toy Gifts for Girls 2012 includes two toys/brands who are having a resurgence since their initial offerings many years ago, Furby and Cabbage Patch Dolls.  The new Furby takes it to a whole new level of interactivity that includes the ability to work with App if you want to.  The Cabbage Patch Dolls are now in their preppie phase and include a line of boy Cabbage Patch dolls as well.  Yippits and Barbie's Photo Fashion have expanded offerings that Mattel had last year with the Video Girl Doll and the bigger Fijit Friends interactive toys that made our list of Hot Toys last year.  Lastly the Monster High High School provides the perfect environment for the very popular Monster High Dolls that are sold separately and the new Dora Gymnastics Doll capitalizes on the recent success and popularity of the Women's US Gymastics team. 

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Top Toy Gifts for Boys

  Amazing SpiderMan Motorized Web Shootng Figure  Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set

 VTech Switch Go Dinos Brok Brachiosaurus  Hexbug Hive PlaySet by Innovation First  Nano Speed Super Vert Crash Set

This year's pick of Top Toys for Younger Boys include the category of racing sets that has always been popular but seems to have picked up in 2012.  The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set has changed the way we think about car tracks with there new way of putting them on walls.  NanoSpeed has made small (if not what you would consider tiny) cars the in thing and the SuperVert Crash Set feeds the need to see the cars crash.  SpiderMan will of course be popular this Christmas because the latest movie offering is out on DVD.  If you have a superhero fan in your midst anything related to The Amazing SpiderMan will be a hit.  We chose the Motorized Web Shooting SpiderMan figure because it has more going for it than just a normal action figure.  Hexbug continues to be popular with the kids that like collecting and combat type of toys like Bakugan, BeyBlade and Pokemon.  They have more of a techie component to them.  Lastly the V-Tech Brachiosaurus Dinosaur provides varying ways to play with it's changing form from Dinosaur to car mode and even launch a prehistoric Pterodactyl toy to fly off of the car.

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Top Toy Gifts for Older Boys

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster Air Hogs Battle Striker with Yellow Disc Firing Helicopter

Hot Wheels Remote ControlTerrain Twister SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Goggles

Our picks for Top Toys for Older Boys in 2012 capitalize on older boys love of more techie/remote control type toys and every boys inner wish to be in "combat".  Though there are offerings for younger boys in the remote control arena older boys are more patient and savvy when it comes to these harder to use toys.  AirHogs is hugely popular in this area and the Battle Tracker with Yellow Disc Firing Helicopter offers both a helicopter and Battle Tracker that can be fired on each other.  The Hot Wheels Terrain Twister is sure to send boys off to test what new terrains can they barrel through.  The Nerf Blaster and the Spy Net Night Goggles might make the best combo for a late night surprise attack so parents beware.

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Top Christmas Gifts in the Video Games Category

The basic starting point for Video Game Gifts is whether you already have a games console or not. For all intents and purposes there are only 3. The XBox 360 from Microsoft, the Wii from Nintendo and the Playstation from Sony. As of this writing the Wii U is still not out and it is supposed to be considered he next evolution for not just the Wii system we have gotten used to but also the first entry in the next generation of consoles. We plan to update you on more details when it is released.

For now the choice really depends on both price and the preferences of the players for who you are buying the console for. Given the price points these tend to be gifts for family members or close friends. The XBox will be popular this year to start because of the release of Halo 4 it's franchise game. With the continued popularity of games like the Let's Dance game series we also see motion gaming becoming much more of an expected component of video game play. The PlayStation 3 still holds an advantage for those looking for a Blu-ray disc player too.

XBox with Kinect  Nintendo Wii Bundle  PlayStation 3 with Move

Choosing which console to buy takes time and thought. Here is a video guide to the 3 main game consoles that can help you choose which game console is best for you. Explore the Game Console Buying Guide which also includes a section on Motion Gaming.

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